Governance and Oversight Committee

This Committee meets quarterly in the Parish Office and is responsible for all matters relating to governance of the Parish Council.


  • Overall monitoring of financial matters and use of reserves against the approved budget for the Parish Council.
  • Initial consideration of the Final Accounts and Annual Return, advising the full Parish Council on their contents.
  • Review the committee and working group support workload imposed on the Parish Clerk and his team, and make recommendations to the full Parish Council if any concerns arise.
  • To make recommendations to the full Parish Council, to encourage and facilitate the development of all councillors’ individual knowledge, experience and capability across the full spectrum of Parish Council responsibilities.
  • To consider matters of compliance with the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.
  • To consider unresolved employee disciplinary & grievance matters.
  • To ensure that an appropriate level of internal audit is conducted.
  • In conjunction with the Parish Clerk, to ensure that sufficient internal control is present in Parish Council procedures, to provide councillors with adequate assurance to enable the appropriate statements to be made.
  • The Committee should also take the lead in reviewing the Parish Council’s Standing Orders & Financial Regulations.
  • The Committee should review the Parish Council’s committee structure and make recommendations to the Full Council for appropriate changes.
  • The Committee should take the lead in reviewing the other policies of the Parish Council, making recommendations for their adoption, and monitoring their compliance.
  • Subject to the restrictions made necessary under data protection and confidentiality controls, the Committee should be able to ask for any required information.

The Committee’s meetings are open to the public. Details can be found in the Committees tab of the Council and Committee Meetings page.

Full terms of reference for the Committee can be downloaded by clicking the link to the right.

Members: Councillors Susan Francis, Mike Hill-Smith, John Oldfield, and Peter Thompson. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the council year 2017-18 will be appointed at the Committee’s meeting on 13 June 2017