Housing, Transport and Planning Committee

This has replaced the previous Planning, Conservation & Development Committee. It meets every three weeks in the King Suite of Angmering Village Hall, primarily to consider planning applications received from Arun District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority. The Committee has Sub-Committees which deal, respectively, with highways and major developments.


1. The Committee ensures that the agreed policies for the Parish Council deriving from the Angmering Neighbourhood Plan and contained in the list attached to the Committee’s terms of reference are pursued.

2. The Committee responds to planning applications and development proposals from residents, developers and other parties; and to respond to proposals and consultations from other authorities on planning and development matters.

3. The work of the Committee will include the setting up of Sub-Committees as appropriate to ensure that the work is progressed.

4. The Committee will represent the views of the Parish Council on planning matters at all stages of the planning process.

5. The Committee also considers licensing matters arising within the Parish, where appropriate.

The Committee’s meetings take place every three weeks and are open to the public. Details can be found in the Committees tab of the Council and Committee Meetings page.

Full terms of reference for the Committee can be downloaded by clicking the link to the right.

Members: Councillors John Oldfield (Chairman), Susan Francis, Norma Harris, Mike Hill-Smith, David Marsh, Steven Mountain, Roger Phelon and Peter Thompson.


The Committee has the following Sub-Committees:

Highways Sub-Committee - dealing with matters relating to highways and transport in the Parish;

Major Developments Sub-Committee - dealing with issues arising from proposed and current major developments. This Sub-Committee will hold its first meeting in the near future.

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