Arun Local Plan - Call for Small Sites - Parish Council Response

Local Plan ‘Small Sites’

Arun District Council has requested that, due to the need to meet an increased Objectively Assessed Housing Need (OAN), parishes should review the current Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) 2016 against their Neighbourhood Plans (where they exist) and provide lists of potential smaller “deliverable non-strategic” sites. These are sites capable of delivering fewer than 300 units, which Arun District Council considers are no longer of a strategic size and therefore cannot deliver strategic development.

At its meeting on 16 January 2017, the Parish Council agreed to set up a Masterplan Working Party, partly in response to this request, and partly to ensure that the Angmering Neighbourhood Plan could be defended (and, where necessary, revised).

In the Downloads section below is a PDF copy of a letter and its enclosures sent to Arun District Council on 5 April 2017, which consists of an analysis of each site on the Local Plan HELAA presentation. The main points of the response are as follows:-

  • The Angmering Neighbourhood Plan is as relevant today as it was when it was ‘made’ in 2015. It remains at the core of this analysis.
  • This response is the beginning of a review and revision of the Angmering Neighbourhood Plan under the new legislation emerging from Parliament.
  • The expectation from ADC is that it would determine the land that would provide the Strategic housing number sand that this exercise would look at the remaining sites and determine which were possible within the limits of the Neighbourhood Plan policies.
  • The Angmering version has however looked at the Strategic sites as well, using the same criteria, and applying some common sense.
  • The requirement to have a Masterplan for Angmering which looks not just at housing (Strategic and Small Sites), but also Employment and Infrastructure requirements over the life of the Plan is put forward.

Small Sites

  • The list includes a total of 9 sites that are deliverable (all currently with outline planning permission, or about to apply, with a further two sites that are developable (eg Rugby Club). These would add 587 dwellings to ADC’s list.
  • Sites which together are earmarked as providing more than 600 units have been rejected.

Strategic Sites

  • Whilst most of the area marked by ADC as strategic is accepted as inevitable, the site shown south of Water Lane is rejected as being unsuitable for development.
  • An alternative site is suggested on the south east of the parish at Roundstone Farm as a Strategic site.
  • This has the big advantage that it should only be considered with the provision of a road bridge over the railway line. Being strategic means that this proviso can be applied to the site.


  • Emphasis has been put on the need to provide alternative employment sites for sites given permission on land currently occupied by businesses before the housing is built.
  • There is also a requirement for additional business units to be built for higher level activity.


In accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan considerations, the need to properly address infrastructure needs is covered under the following headings:-

  • Roads & Traffic Management
  • Flooding
  • Parish Housing
  • Education
  • Sports & Community Facilities

The Masterplan Working Party is continuing its work in planning for Angmering’s future. Please get in touch with the Parish Council Office if you have any questions or comments.