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Arun Parish

Highways Committee Agendas and Minutes

Role of this Committee

Responsible for matters relating to carriageways, footways and verges on roads within the Parish, including liaison with West Sussex County Council on highways matters, street lighting, grass cutting (verges), car parking, bus shelters/bus stops, litter control, public seats, litter and dog bins on highways and recreation grounds, street naming, Public Rights of Way, Twittens


Councillors Paul Bicknell, Jennifer Bos, Julia Graham, Albert Mariner, Colin Trott

Agendas and Minutes 2013
Date Agendas Minutes
16th October 2013 Highways Agenda 16.10.2013 [pdf] 32KB

Draft Highways minutes 16.10.2013 [pdf] 35KB

Highway Attachments 16.10.2013 [pdf] 168KB

12th June 2013

Highways Agenda 12.06.2013 [pdf] 31KB

Highways attachments 12.06.2013 [pdf] 593KB

Highway minutes 12.06.2013 [pdf] 83KB

Highways attachments 12.06.2013 [pdf] 16KB

3rd April 2013  Highways Agenda 03.04.2013 [pdf] 32KB

Highways minutes 03.04.2013 [pdf] 80KB

Highways attachments 03.04.2013 [pdf] 115KB

20th February 2013

 Highways Agenda 20.02.2013 [pdf] 29KB

 Highways attachments 20.02.2013 [pdf] 6MB

 Highways minutes 20.02.2013 [pdf] 37KB



Agendas and Minutes 2012
23rd October 2012

Highways Agenda 23.10.2012 [pdf] 15KB

Highways attachment 23.10.2012  [pdf] 85KB

Highways minutes 23.10.2012 [pdf] 22KB
4th September 2012

Highways Agenda 04.09.2012 [pdf] 16KB

Highways attachments 04.09.2012 [pdf] 224KB

Highways minutes 04.09.2012 [pdf] 21KB
3rd July 2012

Highways Agenda 03.07.2012 [pdf] 16KB

Highways attachments 03.07.2012 [pdf] 219KB

Highways minutes 03.07.2012 [pdf] 26KB

Highways attachments 03.07.2012 [pdf] 211KB

22nd May 2012

Highways Agenda 22.05.2012 [pdf] 16KB

Highways attachments 22.05.2012 [pdf] 113KB

Highways minutes 22.05.2012 [pdf] 24KB

Highways attachments 22.05.2012 [pdf] 117KB

20th March, 2012

Highways Agenda 20.03.2012 [pdf] 16KB

Highways Attachments 20.03.2012 [pdf] 480KB

Highways Minutes 20.03.2012 [pdf] 22KB
11th January, 2012

Highways Agenda 11.01.2012 [pdf] 15KB

Highways Attachments 11.01.2012 [pdf] 189KB

Highways Minutes 11.01.2012 [pdf] 19KB


Agendas and Minutes 2011
18th January 2011  Highways Agenda 18.01.2011 [doc] 27KB  Highways Minutes 18.01.2011 [doc] 35KB
22nd March 2011  Highways Agenda 22.03.2011 [doc] 26KB  Highways Minutes 22.03.2011 [doc] 31KB
24th May 2011  Highways Agenda 24.05.2011 [doc] 27KB

 Highwaysminutes24.05.2011.pdf [pdf] 26KB

 Highwaysminutesattachments24.05.2011.pdf [pdf] 308KB

5th July 2011  Highways Agenda 05.07.2011 [doc] 26KB

 Highwaysminutes05.07.2011a.pdf [pdf] 23KB

 Highways Attachments 05.07.2011 [pdf] 560KB

6th September 2011  Highways Agenda 06.09.2011 [doc] 26KB

 Highways Minutes 06.09.2011 [pdf] 23KB

 Highways Attachments 06.09.2011 [pdf] 511KB

25th October 2011  Highway Agenda 25.10.2011 [doc] 27KB

 Highways Minutes 25.10.2011 [pdf] 19KB

 Highways Attachments 25.10.2011 [pdf] 127KB


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